Drive elements and bucket elevator components

Details and technical information

Roundlink chains / sprockets

We supply competitively priced and from stock:

  • Roundlink chains according to DIN 766, DIN 764 and DIN 762
  • Sprockets and chain rollers worked and unworked of following material:
    • Grey cast iron: GG 20 (EN-GJL-200) to GG 25 (EN-GJL-250)
    • Spheroidal cast iron: GGG 40 (EN-GJS-400-15) to GGG 60 (EN-GJS-600-3)
    • Specil cast iron: with chrome-nickel additive
    • Light metal: Aluminium

Further executions:

  • steel-welded construction (only chain rollers)
  • in special execution
  • according drawing
  • completely worked ready-to-built-in!


Bucket Conveyor Parts / Screw Conveyor Flights

  • Chain ends for bucket conveyors according to DIN 764 and DIN 766 but also according to other national and international standards in all material qualities
  • Chain shackles according to DIN 745 and DIN 5699 and also foreign standards
  • Elevator buckets according to DIN 15233, DIN 15234, DIN 15235 made of welded steel sheet, with and without reinforced edges
  • Kettenräder für Becherwerke  

Of course, we also take into account your individual requirements and wishes! Ask us - we will be happy to assist you!

Details and technical information

Details and technical information

Drive and Conveyor Chains

Precision roller chains

  • Precision roller chains according to DIN 8187 and ISO R 606 B a single, double or triple roller chain
  • Stainless steel roller and conveyor chains
  • Large number of fastening and attachment plates for these chains
  • Matching sprockets short-termed and reasonable priced

Further drive and conveyor chain in our scope of delivery:

  •     Hollow pin chains in steel and stainless steel
  •     Bush chains according to DIN 8164
  •     Gall chains according to DIN 8150 and works standard
  •     Bush conveying chains according to DIN 8165, 8167 and 8168
  •     Dismountable articulated chains according to DIN 686
  •     Steel pin chains according to DIN 654

Toothed wheels / Sprockets

We manufacture customized sprockets and toothed wheels short-termed and at reasonable prices according to drawings or samples from all materials such as steel, grey cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, etc.

  • Sprockets for all drive and conveyor chains up to Ø 2,400 mm
  • Toothed wheels up to modul 24 and Ø ca. 2,400 mm
  • Wage-based toothing
  • Spur gears with straight and helical teeth
  • Bevel wheel
  • Worm gears and worm gear sprockets

Details and technical information